February 27, 2012

Day 26,

Its the day where the film industry celebrates its continued controlled over shaping our culture. Isn’t it enough that we spend billions seeing there movies, watching tv shows dedicated to their personal lives, and read gossip magazines about who they are dating or broke up with. We copy their fashion, hairstyles, overall lifestyle. They create a longing for a standard of living that 99% of us will never obtain. They show us what’s beautiful, desirable, and normal. They have all this power of us just from lines in a script in front of a camera. Their job is meant for our entertainment. Nothing more. So why do we revolve our lives around theirs. Why do I care who they are sleeping with, what’s in their house, and most of all wearing?

If we quit caring they would lose control. Without us movies wouldn’t exist. While the economy has left most of us struggling to survive why do we promote and praise people who are getting paid millions to merely entertain? They aren’t saving lives, inventing new technology, making the world a better place. I just don’t understand our cultures obsession with movie “stars”. Today millions of people will watch the academy awards to see their idols dress up in clothes that could a family for a year. Why is this ok? It’s not like we are all movie critics and understand a fraction of what goes into the films we obsess over. We didn’t vote. I bet you most people watching the oscars haven’t even watched all the movies nominated.

Now don’t get my wrong I love movies. I live for movies. It’s my place to escape. It’s where my imagination runs wild. It’s wear I cry, scream, laugh, and fall in love all in 2 hours. I got my degree in film and couldn’t imagine a better college experience.

I don’t hate the academy awards. I just hate celebrity obsession. Some day I want to be at the oscars. I don’t care what I wear or who I sit with… well if there is a free seat next to Spielberg. Let’s focus on what movies are really about… another world and getting to be apart of it. Not what celebrity are wearing.

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