23 to gluten

February 7, 2012

Day 36

I desperately hope that I’m not allergic to gluten. I hope I’m not allergic to anything, but most of all gluten. I don’t know how people do this for a lifetime. I feel like I’m always hungry… more like starving. Today while I was meeting my sister at Starbucks (only green tea I brought from home) I was munching on my snack, grapes. I don’t know what I looked like, but she said I was eating in a manner that made her feel like she needed to feed me. I did have a couple of close calls with those darn fingers getting too close, but they survived. Granted I was trying my best to spread out my snacks so I didn’t starve at work and couldn’t wait for my grapes, but… well no buts, it’s hard. Why don’t you try it? Ahhhh. I don’t want to be one of those annoying girls that talk about what they eat every day, but I just can’t believe this is a lifestyle for some people.

Ok so here is me being an annoying girl sharing my food regimen…. feel my pain
Breakfast: oatmeal with almond milk and honey
Lunch: chicken salad with as many veggies I can find at the house and olive oil, balsamic dressing
Snack: fruit
Dinner: chicken again with brown rice
Dessert: brown rice cake with almond butter

Then repeat, and repeat, and repeat.

I know there are some other options, but for some reason they all seem to have 30 ingredients. It’s like a treasure hunt searching for these specialty ingredients except at the end you don’t find gold coins, but instead expensive tasteless mush. It would be one thing if the food was cheap, and tasteless, but no it’s expensive, tasteless, and time consuming. I have to plan ahead so far in advance or else go hungry. Today I had a 2 hour time slot between class and work. Instead of using that time to take my dog for a walk, clean, ok I’ll be honest, nap I spent the time cooking and preparing my dinner. First defrost (not so free-range) chicken, marinade, grill, put aside for dinner.

Now onto lunch. Salad. Ugh. I don’t understand why when I get organic spinach it’s still super dirty? It doesn’t prove to me that it organic just because it has dirt on it. Chemically pumped produce also came from the ground. All it shows me is laziness and more work for me. Good thing I don’t have a garden. After chopping up of the veggies, eating, and preparing my snacks I only had 20 minutes before work.

Who has time for this? Luckily it’s only 22 more days and not a lifetime. As if cooking all my food wasn’t enough of a challenge going out to eat will be even more of a feat. I’m supposed to go to dinner with friends tomorrow night. They picked out Red Lobster because they thought I’d have a better chance finding some hypoallergenic meals. I thought so too until I double checked online. While restaurants are trying to appease the allergenic, it is only one item at a time. I couldn’t find anything that met all my diet requirements. I guess it’ll be salad again or be the annoying health nut that asks for 17 substitutions on my meal. I can’t wait for the cook to spit in my food while saying “how’s that gluten-free”. Maybe I’ll just eat before.

22 more grueling days…. 21 at 2 hours

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