March 21, 2012

Day 21,

There are just too many websites. Going online is no longer fun or convenient. With all the options thrown at you it’s harder to find what I’m looking for. Or I question if I can find something better. I can spend hours looking for the perfect granola recipes. I know there isn’t a perfect one and even if there was how would I know? I’m not a granola expert. What prevents me from just picking the first granola recipe website that pops up? What difference does it make if the granola is cooked with olive oil or butter? What about adding cashews, walnuts, almonds, peanuts? Is it better with raisin, craisins, or dried cherries? What about making it pumpkin flavored or adding chocolate? There are just too many options. I wish there was only one option. I wish if I wanted to make granola I could just ask my mom or grandma for the unique family recipe. Whatever the recipe called for I knew was a hit with my family. I might get bored of it after a while and then I’d do some more research, but right now I need some foundation. I wish there was a progression chart for cooking. For a first timer make this recipe… When you are ready to move on try adding this… or this… or replace this with that. Simple.

The web is supposed to make my life easier and in some ways it does, but when it comes to cooking it makes my life hell. I guess if I can’t stand the heat I should get out of the kitchen. I research and research and by the end of the day I haven’t made anything but a long list of recipes I’ll never have time to make. I’m wasting precious time, I’m destroying trees, and in the mean time I’m starving…. ahhh I’ll just go for Take ‘n’ Bake pizza again. I want one recipe site that I know and trust. I don’t want options. I just want the best without suffering through making the worst.

There must be a private culinary club where chefs collaborate on the best of dishes. They all get together and narrow down the best blueberry pancakes… and syrup to top it. So where do I sign up? Someone please help me out! I’m frantic with ideas and no commitment. What if I hate it? What if this is the worst granola I’ve ever had. All that wasted time, energy, money, effort? Wait that’s what I’m doing now. Damn. Granola is for hippies anyways. Pop tart anyone?

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