Give me a break

March 13, 2012

Day 12,

So I’ve cut back my blogging. I now realize why people shouldn’t stop exercising or cheat on their diet. It’s so hard to get started up again. Evey time I think about blogging I find something more important to do. Blogging takes a lot out of me. It takes me about 2 hours to brainstorm, write, edit, and publish each blog. It’s not like I have been just wasting that extra time. I’ve been reading more, knitting hats, cooking, ect. I’ve actually done a lot this past 2 weeks. I had my first DJ gig of the year. I really feel like I could be really successful as a DJ if I could afford all the equipment. Currently I’m just working as an assistant. Wicka what?

I also had my first wedding photography gig. Granted it was for my boyfriend’s aunt’s wedding so it wasn’t truly professional. There were only 12 people in total. I wasn’t getting paid and it was more of a potential family favor. I’m glad this was just a practice round because I didn’t have any experience or much confidence in wedding photography. On the way to the church the bride said she didn’t care about any pictures of the wedding, but to wait to take group pictures afterward. Well luckily I figured she was just stressed and didn’t really mean that. The bride’s sister agreed that I should at least take a few pictures. The wedding was in an Orthodox Catholic Cathedral. It was beautiful, but not ideal for pictures. It felt like it was lit with candles. Nothings worse than natural pictures with a cheesy flash. Grrrr. Then of course my darn flash slowed down shot taking and I missed “the kiss”. Good thing she wasn’t counting on getting any pictures of the ceremony. Well there is one experience under my belt. I actually hope I can get some more practice, even though it was very stressful and that was just with a low maintenance bride and 11 other guests.

Next new adventure was glass blowing. I finally blew my first piece. Wow the burner is hot. I thought my face was going to melt off. Working with melting glass is extremely difficult. What was I thinking? Liquid magma on a stick and I have to make a cup?

Now I can’t even believe I did this next one. I took a hip hop class. All by myself. I even busted out my jazz shoes. The class was at held at a local college and was only $5 for an hour class. I was a little nervous. The instructor said she didn’t have beginner classes and that everyone will just figure out how to keep up. I didn’t. Luckily no one did either. It was a fun class and I’m sure I’ll take it again even if it wasn’t totally hip hop, but more pop and cheer leading combined.

So off to my next adventure. I’m not sure what it is yet, but I’ll let you know. If you have any ideas of things I should try let me know. Not back to my blog break. 


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