Friends forever?

February 19, 2012

Day 18

Old friends. I love it when I meet up with friends and it’s like nothing’s changed. I hate it when I can’t keep a conversation going because everything has changed. Maybe everyone is changing and I’m just staying the same. My friends are getting married, buying houses, stable job, babies, growing up. While my boyfriend and job might have changed everything else stays the same. No marriage in sight, no career, no babies, and still living at home. Why couldn’t I have picked a better degree. I should’ve just become an accountant. I keep wondering where putting off the typically life will finally pay off. I’m starting to think it never will. It’s not I’m putting my career first. What am I putting first? Nothing?

So as I talked to one of my college friends today I quickly realized that we have less and less in common every time we catch up. I’m starting to feel that way about all my friends. They all seem to have the same things in common and it’s just me that’s not keeping up. How did this happen? How did I stray from the path? Do I want to be on that path? I need some path rather than my circular existence. I don’t want to have the same story in 10 years when I run into an old friend. I need a path, a plan on how I want my life to go.

For now I think I’ll just keep in touch through Facebook instead of actually live talking. Don’t worry I’ll make to sure to call to inform you of my engagement. Till then I’ll just like your statuses while secretly disliking your perfect path.

I do miss my old friends. If they lived in town I’m sure our differences wouldn’t separate us. But we are world apart with no glue, but memories to draw us together. Miss you friends of yesteryear. Hopefully I’ll see you on the other side. Now back to my hamster wheel.

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