A Missing Angel

February 25, 2012

Day 24,

He lies there, in bed, alone and isolated, staring into the picture of what he loved most. The picture, although a simple standstill image, seemed to stare back at him, as though he was transparent. He looked away and drug himself out of bed to turn off the light. Once he returned to his bed, he laid there, his mind racing. Racing with all the memories of the countless nights he had taken for granted. As his recollection occurred within his mind, his senses began to synchronize with his thoughts. A warmth was felt over the front side of his body, as if the majestic body he once held was there. His heart began to slow as his eyes gently closed. His soft breaths brought a peace upon him. As he laid there, overcome with a false paralysis, his imaginary scene that he replayed in his head began to fade away. He awoke. Realizing what had happened, he grinned in satisfaction. Then, glancing
down at his shirt, an old, retro Nike tennis shirt, he took comfort in knowing there was still a presence of his love. Although not physical, he could still sense it and feel it. He then turned to his side and closed his eyes, letting the presence overtake him, and drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

Excerpt from “A Missing Angel”
Author: Gabe Gutierrez

Goodnight my angel

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