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October 6, 2014

2014. Can you believe we are 3/4 of the way through this year!! I thought 2013 was going to be my year to shine. First off I love odd numbers plus 13 is my lucky number. No reason, just felt like an underdog number and I like underdogs… I don’t like being an underdog, but rooting for them. I like being the top dog.  In just 9 months I’ve crossed off three things from my resolution list. Not 2014s list, but 2012. Here is the list of resolutions Better late than never. Resolutions

1. Moved to the Bay area last November. Check.

I love it here. There are so many things to do that I can’t afford…. but did anyways. I did a neon run in Candlestick Park. A neon run is similar to all those fun runs in which you don’t train and don’t always run, but spend more money to get a t-shirt and have people throw stuff at you.

2. I created… well hired somebody to create a website. Didn’t he do a great job?! Thanks again Nick! I think it took me as long to come up with the name is it did for him to code the whole site.  I think I wrote down at least 100 names.
And so much more…
This site help me narrow down the available ones. 
Now that I finally have my own site I don’t know what to write about. So much pressure
3. Live wholistically. I’m now in the perfect place to eat organic produce and find gluten free substitutions.  Now I still get my pizza and coke on an occasional Friday night, but I’m no longer straining to find healthy food options.
4. Read the Bible. I’m only in Numbers, but I gave up reading anything other than the Bible for Lent. I think this is my hardest Fast. Since I have a 45 minute commute time I got lots of reading done these past few months. Now I feel like an Israelite lost in the desert waiting to come to the promise land. The difference is that my desert is reading the Bible land and my Holy Land is Grisham Novels.
5. French. Parlez-vous francais? Well I’m not fluent or anywhere close, but I invested in Rosetta Stone. Thanks to Stone I’m even further away from being fluent that I originally thought.  Voulez-vous umm… do you speak English?
6.  Work in the film industry. I’m pretty far off from walking down the red carpet at the Oscars, really far off. I am working for free for a small production company. Baby steps. I connected with the filmmaker through a mutual “friend/ceramics professor” at the perfect time when he was looking for an intern. He recently complete a documentary about his mother going through Alzheimer’s. It’s a pretty devastating story, but it is essential to bring awareness to this disease. On my first day on the job he was featured on the home page of Newsweek. Check it out Newsweek Article.
7. 6-pack… no comment.
8. DJ. Last year I had survived on merely gigs alone. From weddings to reoccurring bar gigs I was kept busy and loving it. Nothing better than providing an ambiance that causes people to sing, dance, and enjoy themselves. Since moving to Berkeley I haven’t had any gigs because I didn’t bring my equipment with me. I don’t have any room in my apartment or a vehicle to haul it to gigs. I might get a more compact setup so I can pick up gigs in the city, but I don’t know how saturated the DJ scene is in the Bay.
9. Rock and Rolla. Well I brought the guitar to the city only to see it sit untuned and unused in the corner. I still planning on some day being able to play a few songs around the camp fire. Some day. Kumbaya anyone?
10. That damn scrapbook. Still not any closer. I still don’t know how people do it. I should just stick to my digital ones. I’ve made many on, but for some reason outside the digital realm I have yet to dive into the glue stick and craft paper world.
11. Be less pretentious.  Um I’m pretty sure that I’ve gotten better at this. Life has an odd way of humbling you.
12. Healthy hip. Same shit different day. Still hurts. Still no tennis or any fun. I think I know what my injury is now though. Anyone heard of Iliopsoas? Well if you are a Dr. or know someone who can help please let me know. 
13. Blog twice a month. Now that I have a new website I’m even more motivated.
I know have 3 more months to finish off this list. Have a 6-pack by Christmas? No problem. Now what did I do with that pumpkin bread?

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