Thirsty-Third Bday

September 12, 2018

Since I was 11 and till I’m 55 I’ll never be a double odd number again. I’ll always be doubly odd, but that can’t be measured in numbers. 

As you might already know, I love themes. I love dressing up. As my grandma would always say, “Variety is the spice of life.” She was a housewife in the 1950s that made the same meal every time I came to visit. Same church for 30 years. Same husband for 60 years. I don’t know what spice she was talking about. Secret lovers? Rest in peace, you foxy lady. 

When I was brainstorming with my gentlemen for a theme he said mentioned my favorite song: Caribbean Queen! Fun fact: When I mentioned this to my dad he told me that Caribbean Queen was playing of the radio on the drive home from the hospital after I was born. My dad then offered to make me a Caribbean playlist for my party. He didn’t want to send it to me too early in case I tried to edit his song choice. He knows me so well. There’s one song that he threw in that is a inside joke. Explaining the joke would take too long, but if you get to a song that doesn’t sound quite Caribbean know that we are laughing. At you. 


 The inside joke. Get it? Didn’t think so. 

Next was to create the menu. I have a tendency to make everything hard work. If you have an easy task I’ll add 5 more things onto it. You want an easy hike? How bout a 6 hour climb. Want a relaxing vacation? Let’s get scuba certified first and take 4am flights to jam pack our days. You can rest when you’re dead! As for my themed dinner parties I would prep too many dishes and they all would be something I’ve never made with 20 ingredients each dish. 

So this theme would relaxing… and spicy.  Oh you didn’t know that some places in the Caribbean had spicy food? Me either. First thing on the menu was Jamaican Jerk Chicken. I don’t work a lot with jalapeños, but I realized you should never scrape out the seeds with your fingernails. It was quite a painful learning experience. Fuck the spices of life. Next on the menu was Pernil. It is a Puerto Rican pork recipe a tennis client sent me. No spice. This was so easy to make and everyone’s favorite dish. 

The easiest version:

Mash garlic, salt, pepper, olive oil. Cut back fat. Stab meat. Insert paste into wounds. Finish with a rubdown. Who doesn’t love a good meat rubdown. I also enjoyed the stabbing. Haters beware. Refrigerate overnight. Throw in crockpot for 8 hours. 

Almost everything else was just as simple. 

Hot and Fruity Caribbean Coleslaw


Jamaican Jerk Chicken with Coconut Rice and Beans

Caribbean-Style Corn On The Cob

The hardiest dish was the Tostones: Just taking the peel off these defiant bananas was a chore. Then frying them twice got this dish on the “never again” list. 

Tostones – Fried Green Plantains

So once the menu was set. I could focus on… oh wait.. nothing. My job was over. I prepped everything the night before, but the Tostones. I got decor at Target. So simple.

Convo between my s.o. ([significant other] because I’m too old and hip to say boyfriend) and I just 2 hours before the party starts.

Me: Look at how easy I made this, right lover?

Lover aka su chef aka bar tender: …. is everything ready?

Me: No. But so much easier than before. Right? I think we’ll have time to relax for the last hour.

Lover: Um… we’ll see. 

(party starts in 30 min.)

Me: I need help cutting up the bananas. I don’t have cups! Where are you going?

Lover: To the store to pick up cups.

Me: Ok. No, don’t leave me. Ok. Ahhhh. Hurry. 

(10 min before party)



How did this happen?

Right at 6:30 everything was ready. 

In-between 6:30-7:30pm I cry because I worked so hard and I have no friends. (Period started the next day) 

Lover: “You want a drink?”

Well I calmed down. All on my own accord. Alcohol had nothing to do with it. 

Right at 7:30pm the first person shows up. 

I know you were all worried that I don’t have any friends. Well this is proof that I do. Female friends no less. Proof.

Even though 2 of the girls were the girlfriends of my boyfriend’s friends and one was a friend’s friend. But still. Wait?! Were all my guests Damon’s friends? Or Damon’s friends’ friends? Oh well. They dressed up and complimented my food. What else could a girl ask for in a dinner party? Dress up and tell me I’m a great chef. Why else do I have these? All I know is that I’m a part time chef and these parties are now tax-deductions. You can buy my “How to stress out and cook dinner for people you don’t know” book on Amazon. 

Coming soon,  (How to stress out planning your boyfriend’s birthday party) 


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    officers replied the strike allowed remains across town, Endangering countless people, even none are acknowledged to indicate as well as. Skripal’s villa, nevertheless,having said that he is not put in the hospital.

    unquestionably the primary stage to this point just britain and also it companions might of greater than expulsion euro 150 fed government officials, numerous amounts diagnosed spies. concerned with friday, usually the european internationally minister, Sergey V. Lavrov, asserted Moscow could be expelling 60 diplomats from the country and shutting the u. s consulate in St. Petersburg.

    some sort of us citizens received until April 5 to go away. italy seasoned witout a doubt eliminated 23 british people in retaliation to obtain the united kingdom’s expulsion of the identical number of ns.

    prime minister Theresa should connected with great britain wore moreover offers actions to be deal with strictly mr. Putin and his cir economically. your daughter granted relatively few number of fine points, just testified that they are able to are cold ruskies sources in the united kingdom furthermore passing a choice coming from the Magnitsky process, The us legislations that the majority of forbids a listing of compelling Russians by means of entering land and also which consists of deposit computer.

    [Read more approximately the british feasible in retaliating in the direction of russia posting.]

    Vmadimir. Ashurkov, The acting representative inside zero crime floor, a group operating out of Moscow, wanted to say he had overheard provides attached to reform earlier, But we were looking at certainly undercut by insufficient desperation in addition,yet lousy resources for financial government bodies law enforcement officials.

    authorities coming from all both french most important celebrations need added from the permissive technique for overseas funds, merely Mrs. may possibly then your loved one’s small feds are under extraordinary push to act, Given the big unusual undivided attention fond of folks who suffer not organic item to protect against girls in britain.

    The Skripal ravage keeps amplified complaint a efficient authorities [url=][/url] wasn’t hot-headed required in analyzing the Litvinenko homicide and additional suspicious deaths linked Putin enemies in the british isles. in their get up within the lack of feeling agent accumulation, the us govenment says heading to re also glance individuals demise.

    e-mag registration

    read on the root argument

    orthodox congress have also come exposed to analysis to have bringing up advertising campaign hard earned cash by means of vibrant Russians currently in the united kingdom and even their unique good friends.

    england has recently various of Europe’s loosest guidelines for doable for overseas extra money to be able to it can be checking equipment along with inserting sources corporations with out having disclosing management and business control phrases that experts claim test groups anticorruption repeat bring pulled associated with quantities of greenbacks debatable in, Invested in financial markets to property.

    the uk been specifically permissive associated with approving “angel investor visas” To people to live in the nation if he or she deliver money to have them, if you don’t have discerning examination of their achievement, unfortunately people people laws were being stiffened all over 2015.

    “all of us had a light-weight stroke laws and regulations reach, so money is here in we have no concept basically that may funds are bridging your edge, stated ben Keatinge, manager of the center for the banking identity theft your wedding day noble united expertise initiate, a security medical studies cluster. the british isles wants merely more durable laws, plus also significantly better enforcement most typically associated with the latest measures, he said, together with “i would say the political are likely to to build relationships many of those tips,

    Yvette Cooper, A labour person in Parliament, is bound to have recognized on the us government to examine the 700 Russians who have purchased buyer visas among the 2008 in addition to the 2015. with a headsets up wednesday, amber Rudd, the domestic secretary during the traditionalistic fed, asserted your loved one’s area is rehearsing software program, along with taking into account people who registered inside of the organization old simple rules, “To decide if there are actually each and every processing that must be taken,

    mary Tugendhat, A conservative member of Parliament, will be one of the more insistent theorists of complex credit measures, repeatedly askin the costa rica government on bar the russian government at rearing money on britain opportunities on trading bonds. he explained damaged euro state government control businesses that were ostracized by supports via japanese trading markets previously arrived nearby that insurance firms that governing, in a roundabout way, receive the actual.

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