January 21, 2012

Day 20

Who doesn’t love sitting by the fire on a raining day reading a good book? That is exactly what I wish I was doing. Unfortunately, I’m running errands in this dripping wet bleakness bordering soggy coldness/uncomfortable sweat. It’s just not worth taking off my huge down jacket once I make it to the car even though I start burning up.

I hate how my day off has been a clusterbutt of annoying tasks. First my family is down to 1 car so we all have to make the trip downtown to drop off my mom at work. Then me and my dad drive 20 minutes to the next town to the mechanics. When I get to my car I check my once leaky trunk that was “fixed” to find out that it is now flooded… not fixed. I let the mechanic know that the leak he fixed wasn’t fixed at all. Since my car is awaiting parts he said he’d look at it when I drop it off again. Great. I always wanted a pimped out ride with a not-so-hot tub. So I drove my heatless portable pool crying wah wah wah all the way home.

One of my errands was taking our dog Pepe to the vet for rabies shots and a nail clipping. When Pepe was getting his nails clipped he screamed like we were cutting off his paws. Pepe would cry in agony before the vet even cut a nail. I would hate to be a dog in that waiting room. I could just see some mutt saying to his owner, “I promise I won’t poop on your bed anymore. Please don’t let them take me!!!”. After they bandaged a bad nail he limped around like he just had an amputation. What a drama queen.

After I finished all my mandatory errands I went to a store where the swimsuit line just came in… D&B (aka Ross). I’m not a huge shopper, but I need a lap swimming suit and Ross gets some Speedos at a decent price. As I was headed into the store I noticed a homeless guy sitting near the entrance holding a “hungry” sign. I guilted (not a real word, but I don’t know a better one) my boyfriend, Rez (names were changed to protect the innocent) who just bought two Wendy’s burgers to give one to the homeless guy. So as I handed over the burger to man another homeless man near the exit doors yells, “hey over here!”. I only had one burger. Awkward. The man I handed the burger to told me to go and give the other homeless guy the burger. I asked if he was sure. He replied that he just ate and that he was sure. So I walked over to the other homeless exit door man and told him that entrance man said he could have the food. Exit man and his cute dog were so thankful. As I walked into Ross both men called out “God Bless” and “God be with you”. Wow. What selfless giving and thankfulness. I can’t believe I complain so much about my life. I want to go back and delete the first part of my blog. Even though my car is constantly freezing I still have a warm house to run in to and plenty of food in it. I hate it when our lives are put in perspective.

When I left Ross I told the burgerless man that I would drive to Wendy’s so he could have a burger for later. He told me that he was fine and didn’t need anything right then, but thank you and God be with you. I thought for a moment, “What if this is Jesus?”. It’s easy to give when you have an excess or when you are giving away a burger that isn’t yours (thanks Rez). It’s much harder to give someone something you are also in need of. I can give away food and clothes because I have more than enough to get by. What about giving away your iPod or bicycle? Some of us might have an iPhone and still wouldn’t give away an iPod even an old one. Damn perspective. I’ve got to stop whining. But then what will I blog about?

After the homeless humbled me I went home and continued my day. What to do different? Then on the way to grab some pizza with my family Rez noticed a car that had crashed into a ditch. He turned around to make sure everyone was ok. A kid around 18 had hydroplaned and lost control. He was pretty shook up and asked if we could take him home. Luckily it was near by… did I mention I was hungry? I guess my new outlook didn’t last long. A daily reminder of how lucky I am obviously isn’t enough, I guess I need an hourly reminder. We drop the kid off and head over to dinner. Phew the pizza wasn’t ready yet. Oops I mean I’m so thankful that I get to spend time with my family. The pizza was quite enjoyable as well.

I’m so thankful for my cold car for getting me where I need to go and that most those places are warm.

limp pepe

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