December 30, 2014

Halloween. I finally enjoyed my Halloween to the fullest. In my last blog I describe how much I love Halloween and this year I got to go all out. When it comes to Halloween the most important thing is the costume. I have never paid full price for a new one. I always make one or buy a used one. In the city thrift stores were asking for a ridiculous price for their costumes. I happened to go back to Redding for a weekend before Halloween and went to the Goodwill there. Great selection and much cheaper. So cheap I bought 3 costumes. There were just all so awesome and I knew I could find a way to wear all three. First was for a Halloween party for the kids I teach. Then I had a work tennis party. On Halloween I was going to a dance party. So therefore I needed 3 costumes. Right? Well I got Elsa from Frozen, Wonder Woman, and CatWoman. CatWoman was more for my boyfriend. I don’t know what it is about CatWoman that guys love. First off did you realize that Wonder Woman is two words, but CatWoman is one? By the way, what’s wrong with Wonder Woman? She’s strong, beautiful, independent, and fights for justice. CatWoman just looks good in tight leather. 


I get it now.

After I was all set with my costumes next thing to do was to pick out the perfect pumpkins at Redding’s Nash Pumpkin Patch. We got a small batch for only $15. My sis paid $15 for one pumpkin at a “patch” in LA. I knew Berkeley wouldn’t be any better.


Nash also has a great Haunted House called Dreams of Darkness we love to check out. Every year it gets scarier and scarier. Gabe ran off without me when the chain saw serial killers started chasing us. Geez I love Halloween. 



When I got home to Berkeley we rented a few scary movies and carved our pumpkins. Gabe started out with some super easy ones and over the years has really picked up his game. I’ve always had mad pumpkin carving game so I try to challenge myself. Without fail I get halfway through my pumpkin and can’t recognize what it is and believe I have failed. It all starts to look like dots and crazy lines with no specific theme. It continues to look like a 5-year-old practiced surgery until I put the candle in at the end. I don’t know why I doubt myself. Look at these beauties.

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 6.19.53 PM

Ursula & Mike Wazowski

The kids I coach Halloween party was coming up I had some finishing touches to do on my costume. I had bought this awesome 90s prom dress and all it needed was a cape and undershirt. I hand stitched some of my mom’s curtains together and then velcroed it onto my dress.


Then I made Gabe an Olaf costume buy sewing felt onto a white shirt and gluing the snowman’s face onto a hat. Genius. Thanks Pinterest.




Oh and the kids loved it. 

Second costume to finish was Wonder Woman. I bought a kid’s Woman Woman t-shirt and a dance uniform to go underneath it. I also bought red sleeves that I wore on my feet like boots. I found an awesome gold tie that I turned into a crown and bracelets. I cut out white stars from duck tape and put them on my skirt. Voila!


Wonder Woman


By then I was done with making costumes, so luckily CatWoman was a finished product. On Halloween there was the Giants World Series Championship parade in San Francisco. I wore my costume into the city because I didn’t have time to go home afterwards and who wants to carry a backpack around to change? Obviously everyone since I was the only person in costume. Boo. 


Giants Championship Parade


Thankfully the CatWoman suit kept me warm in the rain along with my cup of hot milk… with chai in it. 


After the parade we headed to my work and to no surprise at all none of my junior players showed up. What kid wants to play tennis on Halloween when there’s trick or treating to be had? Gabe and I got to play tennis while we waited for all the no shows. I kept on having to cool off outside because I was sweating in my pleather suit. How does CatWoman stay so cool.


My wittle kitty

No kids, but least got to see all my coworkers’ costumes. 



After tennis, I mean work, we headed over to the dance party. It was Soma StrEat Food Truck Park  Truck or Treat party. We were tempted to just head home and rent a scary movie, but some of our friends decided to go and ruined our laziness. Good thing we went because it was spectacular. There was free beer to first 100 people and the food was amazing. We all had a good time dancing and checking out the other creative costumes. 


Gabe did not plan ahead what he was wearing and once again it was up to me… “Here She Comes To Save The Day!” Mighty Mouse anyone?

I had bought a Michael Jackson jacket at the Goodwill when I was home just in case I ever needed one. You never know…  but secretly I did know. I had a pair of red pants that he borrowed (it fit him a lil too well) and the jacket fit perfectly. Unfortunately for Gabe, going as Michael Jackson to a dance party puts quite a bit of pressure on you. When the DJ played Thriller, Beat It, and Billie Jean everyone would look to Gabe to wow them. Well by the third song everyone has used to the disappointment. Nobody expects Superman or Wonder Woman in the crowd to bend steel or break up a fight, but if you dress as MJ you better know how to Moon Walk.


The rest of our group was just as eclectic: Pineapple, surfer, Mad Hatter, Cat Woman, Michael Jackson.



I love being in San Francisco with so much to do and crazy people to do it with. Too bad I had work the next day so we left the party before midnight, which was when some people were headed to their outings. That made me feel pretty old, but my chariot was turning back into a pumpkin or was that my energy?

I have to start thinking about what I want to be next year. Some how I want to have friends that own a castle or have one of my own and help throw a terribly awesome party that makes Pinterest jealous. Free castle anyone? Ok Ok. Free castle rental? Free entrance to castle party? Now this might all seem over the top for some people, but this is nothing compared to how I do Christmas.

Move over Halloween your time is done. 


see you next year


-Elsa aka Wonder Woman aka Cat Woman

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