Fuzzy Co-worker

January 24, 2012

Day 23

Tonight I had the best co-worker show up. My boyfriend surprised me by dropping off my puppy, Vive, at the end of my shift. Now I’m not the first one to bring a dog to work so don’t worry. I was planning on waiting till I was a little more confident in her potty training, but who could send my adorable girl away. She just bring so much life every where she goes. Towards the end of my shift I don’t have much to do so she is the perfect distraction from having to endure another episode of the “Bachelor”.

I think that every job should let you bring your dog. How much happier would everyone be if they were next to their best friend. If you don’t have a dog, cat, or furry friend then you are probably just an unhappy person and nothing can help you. Sorry I think that pets are just a vital part of life. I think it’s unfair for parents to not let their kids have a pet to raise and look after. I believe it teaches you how to care for another life and respect other living things. I’m not condoning people who don’t have any pets, jut concerned for them.

I seriously wish I could take my Vive everywhere; school, gym, store, mall, everywhere! Restaurants are the one place I don’t always appreciate having furry friends. Not just because I hate feeling hungry eyes looking up at me during every bite I take, but because I don’t always enjoy everyone else’s dog staring at me too. I had one bad experience with a dog in a restaurant. It wasn’t a nice or friendly dog and while the owner warned me I thought why bring a poor behaved dog to have dinner with a bunch of strangers. Anywho. Other than that I’d take my little girl anywhere.

Wait… where did she go? Vive! Vive! Oh phew there she is. So maybe she was a little bit of a distraction at times. We do have a lot of cables around. But luckily other employees enjoyed the distraction as well. So maybe she couldn’t spend the whole shift with me, but right now as she lays peacefully nearby she is the perfect co-worker to get me through work. Now if only I could teach her how to press buttons.


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