January 20, 2012

Day 19

Why didn’t I just buy a Honda? Who cares if my car isn’t fast, fun, and super cute. All I want now is a car that is reliable and inexpensive to fix. Who knew that a 1987 BMW would cause me so much grief? I don’t remember how much I’ve paid in repairs over the years, but it’s getting close to what a paid for, $2,000.

My car, Thorn, (she’s red and every rose has it’s… well you know). Brett would be proud at least. Right now my girl has 3 problems… that I know of. The worst and most reoccurring problem is my fan blower. It goes out in the summer so nothing cures my sweaty pits and leather seat burned butt. Now that it is winter and a storm just hit I miss the sauna car. When I get off work at midnights I wrap myself in a snuggie, and put on gloves before I hurry home while trying to not notice my frosty breath (I see dead car). Sometimes I have to wipe or roll down my windows because the fog has impaired my vision. This experience has brought me to tears… it’s just so miserable and humbling. Oh how I wish this darn town had public transpiration.

The next problem is my right rear blinker. For as much as I love cutting people off I’d like to at least give them a little warning. Now I have to drive even more aggressively because I need to give myself a little more space to switch lanes since no one around knows its coming.

Last problem is my honkless horn. At first I figured this might be a good thing because I can get horn happy if someone cuts me off or takes too long at the light. Unfortunately, I realized that I need a horn to let oblivious people know they were about to ram into me. Luckily no crashes yet, but some pretty close calls could have been less ulcer forming if I had given the irresponsible driver a warning honk.

Last week the forecast said a storm was coming and I didn’t feel like getting frostbite so I took Thorn in to the shop. When you take your car in its never an easy fix like a busted fuse or a piece you don’t have to order from Bavaria. The dreaded mechanic call went like this, “Ummm Amy you need a new fan motor. The part costs $300 and the labor $100. And the blinker? Weeelll that will be another $250. Nooooooo!!!” I told the mechanic I’ll pick up my car and let him know when I sell a kidney. Kidney anyone?

$650, what a thorn in my side. Can we go back to the horse and buggy days? How much are horses going for? So feeling like a preteen depending on rides the past 2 days has been all for nothing?!

I am creating a donation button below for anyone who wants to contribute to the bring back buggy cause (aka heal bleeding Thorn). If not… wanna buy a Beamer? $2,000. No? Bring on the pneumonia.

no car? guess these boots were made for walking

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