Why don’t you just….

January 31, 2012

Day 30

Have you ever been interested in something and people tell you to just go for it? Say you are a great cook so people tell you that you should just open a restaurant. Or if you are a talented singer that you should just go to Nashville and record an album. I hate it when this happens. Do people really think that if you enjoy cooking that its easy and simple to just open a restaurant. What if you only like cooking for your friends not the masses. Also, who just moves to a big city and walks into a recording studio and gets a deal signed. Please don’t tell me of all the lucky exceptions because I already know they exist. I was just walking in the mall and someone saw how beautiful I was and now I’m a super model. Blah Blah.

Reality. It’s a huge commitment to try to start up your own business and put yourself on a chopping block. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t try to reach your dreams and do whatever it takes. All I’m saying is that it’s not as easy as people make it sound. There’s no “just” in following your dreams. It’s “just” not that easy.

The past week I’ve been bombarded by my families “just” do this or that statements. My family wants me to pursue a career in film. Luckily it’s an unpopular interest in our current culture. They tell me that I should make short films and ask why I don’t try to get business for commercials or weddings. It seems that everyone else is doing it so why am I the only one procrastinating? Probably because everyone is doing it. Just go to youtube and you can find millions of videos that could distract for years if you like. I’m not sure I want to compete.

Now I can totally admit that 90% percent of my hesitation is insecurity. The film industry isn’t known for keeping their doors wide open for new comers. I’m not expecting to walk right into Universal Studios and have them put me behind the camera for their next film. I know I have to start from the bottom and work my way up. I just don’t know which bottom looks up. If I knew that I could start as the coffee girl for Spielberg and that there was a future in sight then of course I’d jump right in. Yet where is the progression from doing wedding videos working with bridezillas?

So where do I start? My family thinks that I should just press record and see what happens. Yet first I have to write a script, story board, buy or rent lighting and sound equipment, find a location, audition actors, all before I bust out a camera which is only a hand-held. Then there is the is the production, set-up, work with actors, shoot, re-shoot, re-shoot again. After that hassle there is the post-production. For every minute in a film there is about an hour of editing to go with it… and then some.

Geez I don’t know why I don’t want to make films on my spare time. It’s “just” so simple. Even though it is a lot of work I don’t mind working hard when I feel confident in the outcome. Excuses aside I think I’m just worried that I don’t have what it takes. Technology is constantly advancing in this field. If you don’t know how to do animation you’re pretty much worthless as an editor. Unless you want to do wedding videos… ehhh. Also, I don’t know how to do everything required by myself. I can’t afford to hire anyone that wants to invest into my future… I guess that is what family is for. I know this all sounds like complaining, which it is, but I really do appreciate all their help. Now if they could just get me Spielberg’s number.

If anyone has any ideas on how to “just” go for it let me know. Well not an idea, but a plan…. foolproof preferably.

decaf Spielberg?

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