March 18, 2015


I turn 30 in two months. 30! I can’t believe it. I don’t feel that old and 30 sounds so old. That and I don’t know what I’m doing with my life. By the time you’re 30 you should have a career, spouse, house, car, kids, other things that people around me have. As for me I would just settle for not working for the “Man” aka corporations with douche face bosses. So my birthday present to myself is to quit my current job and follow my heart. I want to host a travel show. Not just any travel show, but one with my dog, Viva. Viva and I will travel throughout the U.S. to find the best dog friendly places and document our awesome adventures. I don’t know how to do host a travel show or any show for that matter. Also, I haven’t even been to 80% of the states. Yes I’m a Californian elitist. You would be too if you lived in the best state. I could wait another decade to learn what it would take to host a travel show: go back to school for journalism, contact networks, take acting classes, ect. I don’t actually have any other etcetera because I’m making all this up. I have no experience and don’t know where to start. So I’ll start here and now. I decided I would just keep a video journal of my process. These videos are to help me become comfortable on camera and to keep me accountable. I don’t plan on anyone watching since they are set on private and listed in this blog that no one reads. Some day when I’m on Ellen DeGeneres I figure she will play these for the audience. “Damn you Ellen. Where did you find these old videos? I totally forgot about them. Haha” Oh the future. Enough day dreaming and complaining about my job. Here it goes. My journey to be a travel show host. 



Credit card denied me. If you are looking for a credit card I recommend this site. Compare Cards. None of these cards excepted me, but it gave me a lot of good info. Target denied me for a credit card, but I got their Red Card, which is like a debit card and you get 5% off every time you use it. Hopefully, that helps build my credit. I ordered my pet supplies from Pet Flow. I went to that site mainly cause I got 5% cash back through my bank and it wasn’t a bad deal. What credit card do you think gives you the best rewards?

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