October 15, 2014

Halloween! It is my second favorite holiday.

Is it really a holiday? I still have to work and kids still go to school. Anywho. It’s not just the costumes, but the food, colors, weather, scary movies, haunted houses, carving pumpkins, anything pumpkin… costumes. Every year I go to a pumpkin patch and carve something that took 4 hours to decide on and can’t really pull off. I make a Halloween playlist. I know you wanted to hear it.  

Also, I changed all my ringtones. I’m considering leaving the Witch Cackle one for my mom till Christmas. My mom set my text tone to a T-rex roar and my sister’s is “Happy” from Pharell. So don’t feel bad for her. Every year I start thinking about my costumes months in advance. Which isn’t a bad idea, if you have some awesome halloween party to go to, but I never do. I end up dressing up to go to haunted house where I’m the only one dressed up along with whatever poor soul I convinced to come with me.

A couple of years ago, I convinced my boyfriend to go to Frightfest, at Six Flags. I told him everyone dresses up and it’ll be so much fun. So we pulled into the parking lot in my Tinkerbell costume and his Hook costume and as we scanned the parking lot not one damn(ed) soul had a costume on. Not one! Not even the kids. I apologized profusely, but said we are just more awesome than everyone else so who cares that everyone else is lame. So we went inside and were a hit. All the park employees loved our costumes. Moms would point to us and tell their kids “Hey look it’s Tinkerbell and Hook”. I got a kick out of it, but Hook looked as though a crocodile with a ticking clock was around every corner. It didn’t help that I also found out that he has a fear of roller coasters… more like a phobia. So I don’t think I’ll convince him to do that again. That’s ok. This year I’ve convinced my mom and sister. Suckers.

For as much as I love everything about Halloween I wish I didn’t get so invested into this day. Not because financially I can’t afford it since all my costumes are handmade or thrift finds. It’s not because I’m lacking the social group that throws crazy parties you only see on Pinterest. It’s because it’s exhausting. All that planning. Trying to figure out who or what to be, where to go, what to carve. No one else seems to care as much as I do. I think I’ve asked the kids I coach 10 times what they are gonna be cause I’m secretly trying to steal their ideas. I wish there was a cure for my Halloween curse. 

So here are the last few years of Halloween costumes and festivities.

In case we weren’t sure what some of the costumes were here is a list them: Einstein, Glenda The Good Witch, Tinkerbell, Malfoy, Strawberry Shortcake, Red Riding Hood, Alice in Wonderland, Miley Cyrus, Cat Woman, Doll, Angel

As for this year, this is what I’ve over planned so far. Haunted houses when I go home for the weekend. There is something about small towns and haunted houses that add an extra “Hills Have Eyes” effect. Going to the pumpkin patch and carving a scene from “Nightmare Before Christmas“. Yes I found it on Pinterest. Glow-in-the-Dark tennis for the kids I coach, which I hope goes well. Frightfest with my mom and sister. Then on Halloween… nothing. NOTHING! But it’s ok. This year I don’t want to stress about my Halloween plans. I want to have that “I don’t care” attitude. I wish my response to the question, “What are you gonna be?” was “Oh I don’t know. I don’t plan that far ahead.” Or I could say something like, “I’ll just do whatever my friends want.” Why can’t that come naturally to me. For one I’ve already planned too far ahead for the first to be true and second what friends? Even if I had a bunch of them that were having a party I’d probably be the party planner of the group. This year and from now on I want to be the one that just shows up. I want to be the one you ask on October 31st at 3pm “Where’s your costume?” and I say, “I don’t have one yet.” and they say, “I’ll find you something”. Then I just sit back and relax. You know those people right? Everyone seems to fill in the responsibilities for them. Doesn’t that sound nice? They are the same people that you ask what they brought to the party and when they say nothing you add their name to your card. You feel socially responsible for them. I don’t know why we have those friends, but since we do I’d like to be one. So if you don’t have one of those friends I’m willing to take their token spot. So what are our plans? I mean I don’t care. Whatever. 


But seriously what should I be?

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