Out of Ordinary Saturday

January 8, 2012

Day 7

I just love days like these. I wake up sandwiched between our dog Daisy and our puppy Vive. Already a good start. Around 11am I roll outta bed and face an ordinary Saturday. I start off with making crepes for breakfast. I like to mix hearty with unhealthy for my breakfast. So I start off with egg, ham, and cheese crepe then finish with caramelized bananas, chopped walnuts and nutella crepes. Nom nom. At 4pm I was still full and satisfied. Also, my lovely boy washed all the dishes so even more relaxing for me. I forgive him for not liking my caramelized bananas… obviously he doesn’t have a refined pallet.

I ate the sweet crepe so fast I forgot to take a pic.

At 2pm my mom calls and says she can get me and mr tasteless into the Turtle Bay Exploratory for the last live bat exhibit. I’m sure some people don’t have any interest in these cute cuddling night flyers, but I’m like a kid who loves everything especially if it’s free.

They are so cute and so awesome. I want one. Did you know that 25% of the worlds mammals are bats and that less than .5% actually have rabies. Also, they help pollinate much like bees do. Without bats the tequila company would lose millions of dollars from unpollinated agave plants. Think about that next time you’re sipping a margarita. Yet while I’m observing and learning I have the same thoughts as probably all the little kids that were crowded me (sorry I got here first) which was I want to pet it. I don’t care if it bites me and sucks my blood (don’t be ridiculous these were brown bats, vampire bats only live in Latin America. Duh). There aren’t many things that we don’t want to experience tangibly. Or is that just me?

Back off catwoman me and batman are engaged… and yes I know my hands look old.

Once they bat lady closed up shop we moved on to the next exhibit. Parrots. It cost an extra dollar and luckily after a treasure hunt in the car we scrounged up $3. Phew. When we entered the cage the employees handed us nectar to feed the parrots. The moment one lands on you the thought of moving to the jungle immediately comes to mind. No? After 10 minutes I was out of nectar, but had one parrot on my head and another one gnawing on my watch. Good thing I didn’t wear the Rolex today.

I could have stayed in there all day. Unfortunately they were closing up and oh crap I’m late to work. Jumped the fence, don’t tell, and fortunately work is just across the street. Oh ya I had to work today so not a perfect day, but it’s only for 4 hours 4-6 and 10-12.

After the inconvenient work I scarfed the homemade pizza leftovers from yesterday. Still delicious. Finished off the day with seeing “In Time” at the dollar theater. Good thing it was cheap.

I know this doesn’t sound like much, but it’s important to appreciate the little things like seeing a bat and feeding parrots on what was meant to be an ordinary Saturday.

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