February 22, 2012

Day 21,

Lent: the spiritual preperation through fasting and penitence the 40 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter.

Fasting: the giving up of all food or certain foods for a period of times for religious observance.

Repentance: confession and remorse for committed sin.

The purpose of lent is to prepare spiritually through repentance, confession, and sacrifice for the remembrance of the Resurrection of Christ. However, lots of people will choose to participate in Lent as a way to make a health choice rather than expand their faith. Most people I know use lent as a way to rid their lives of any sort of distraction or overindulgence. For example, I’ve had friends give up, Facebook, sugar, music, Starbucks, ect.

No matter why you are partaking in Lent there are many things we can do without and fasting for Lent is a good way to rid our dependence of them. My mom said she is going to give up tv. I wonder what she’ll do with all that time. This made me think about what I was going to give up this year. Since I’m on a hypoallergenic diet I’ve already given up all tasty foods and drinks. I only watch tv at work. I see movies maybe once a week. I quit listening to music in the car to give me some quiet time. I’m not a Facebook or any social media addict. For the first time ever I can’t think of anything to give up. I must be a saint!

I’m sure I could think of a few things I could do without for 40 days. Can I fast work? Paying bills? Shaving? I’m sure my boyfriend would love that. I only shave my legs once a week anyways. Also, I don’t know how that would help with a spiritual rejuvenation. I doubt Mother Mary shaved her legs, but she didn’t have an option.

I’m determined to find something for lent. I love the challenge. It’s great when you put your body and mind through a strenuous exercise in self-control and succeed. My first chai after giving it up for Lent was one of the best tasting chais.

If you have ideas for me let me know.

Ok so I did some research and found some creative ideas for lent. Here is what some people fasted.

1. Money, donate a certain amount a week to a charity
2. Warm water in their showers (I already do this if I’m second to shower)
3. The last word in arguments (that might be good for me)
4. Time, volunteer a couple hours a week
5. Shopping (my mom and sis should fast this)
6. Clothes, give some away
7. Plastic bags, bring reusable bags
8. Tardiness or making others wait for you (this might be the winner)
9. Snooze button (I specifically set my alarm earlier to factor in a snooze)
10. Complaining (good thing I never do this)

I guess I do have a few things to choose from. I wish I had something more tangible to fast like alcohol. At least then I could splurge on Fat Tuesday and the day after Easter. If I give up arguing I can’t just go out on an argue fest after 40 days. Where’s the reward in that?

Ok it’s settled. For lent I’m going to fast… drumroll… tardiness. I always seem to put my own schedule before anyone else’s. I guess I developed this bad habit because my mom always made her time the most important in the family. We would always be waiting for her and she could never wait for anyone. Now I refuse to wait a minute longer than I need to, but won’t hesitate to put anyone else on hold. This can get tricky when planning anything with my mom.

Tardiness and time selfishness is my sacrifice this Lent. I guess this means not being an hour late to church either. Don’t want to keep God waiting. Heaven forbid… for only 40 days though.

1 gallon of water a day

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