Happy Poo Year!

January 2, 2012

Resolution… make this year better than last. This shouldn’t be too hard since last year was shit.

I’d like to sum up the past 12 months in a best and worst of list:

January: Injured hip (can’t play sports)
February: Dealt with sexual harassment and overall awfulness at job
March: Unemployed
April: Turn 26
May: Start hating new minimum wage job
June: Car air conditioner breaks
July: Applied for food stamps
August: Still hate job
September: Adopted brother passes away
October: Hip is still broken, replacing muscle with fat, and 50% of paycheck is going trying to fix it
November: Broke and holidays are here and no car heater
December: 2 year anniversary since I’ve moved home with parents

Now there are people that have it worse than I do so this is not a competition… well unless I thought I was gonna win, but I’m not… right?

I know I shouldn’t start the year being a downer so that’s why I’m starting this blog. I need to start being inspired. Take my life into my own hands. If I can complain it’s because I know the solution. Not true but it sounded good the first time I heard it. I don’t know the answer and I will still continue to complain. Even though I don’t fully comprehend how I’ll make this year better I am going to start taking steps to better myself. First thing, blog. Blog every day… well as much as I can. NO every day! Ok #2 I’m a photographer with a degree for goodness sakes so next thing is to start taking pictures… every day? So far this is doable right? I keep looking at the clock cause I have 48 minutes to finish this blog or I already fail my resolution. With the time in mind I’ll stop there. Damn I forgot the 2011 best of list. This shouldn’t take long.

1…. umm… got a puppy (more broke)
2. and a boyfriend (this can go on both lists… I kid… only cause he’ll prob read this… kisses?)
3. oh ya that dumb ass broke as shit hate my life f*&#ing year is over!

Breathe. Only positive thoughts. Ok 2012 let’s do this!

January 1, 2012 and I have successfully gone through one day of the new year without breaking my resolutions. Blog done with 32 minutes to spare… 31.

Picture of the day: Roarrior the Catzilla reminding me that holidays are over.

I only said a picture every day… never that it was going to be a great one… 29 min.

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