Feminine Art?

February 10, 2012

Day idk any more

Today in my print making class I was struggling to make a certain print. I was using water color paint made for print and hated it. I much rather use thick, smeary ink. Anywho, as I was cleaning up my disappointment a woman in my class told me that she really liked my work and how feminine everything I do is. She thought my subjects were dainty and soft. Or some bullshit like that. I don’t know why I was so surprised and slightly offended. I mean being feminine is great. Marilyn Monroe was a pro at it. But I’ve never thought I was noticeably feminine. It could be because I spend most my time in sweats and workout clothes, hardly wear makeup, prefer action or romance, and enjoy insensitive sarcasm.

Can I be all those things and still be feminine? What is feminine? Feminine doesn’t mean girly. It doesn’t mean that I think sweat is gross, eat salads, or am squeamish around insects even though spiders might bring me to tears. Being feminine is apart of being a woman. That is something I should be proud of. And I am. However, I’d prefer if my art wasn’t gender specific. I don’t blame the woman who generalized my work. How can I? My work lately has been a little… well feminine. When I create artwork I tend to have a recipient of my art in mind. Lately it’s been my sister and she is the girly kind of feminine. She’s a makeup artist, fashion lover, shopaholic. In my ceramic class last semester I made a high heel and huge lips with lipsticks hanging down that I gave her as a Christmas present. Someone in that class asked if I loved fashion. Do I dress like it?

I have to admit that the art I enjoy isn’t emotionally charged, but more aesthetically pleasing. I like pretty things. I don’t lean towards dark and demented. If I wouldn’t want it in my house then I probably won’t make it. I can appreciate some of those eerie artists, but I’m not drawn to a piece that makes me uncomfortable whether that is the intent or not.

But what makes something feminine? Hasn’t feminine has changed over time. Some historical kings used to wear makeup and high heels and purple was deemed a royal color. Also, when you walk into a church or Sistine chapel I don’t see dungeons and dragons. I see bright colors with voluptuous beautiful woman. Renaissance art is full of natural beauty. Glutav Klimt is of my favorite artists and his most famous piece “The Kiss”, which is so gentle and soft.

Besides what would masculine art be? Gladiators battling to the death? Fire breathing dragons? Video games? Phhh. Haven’t seen many of those in the museums. So I guess my art is “feminine”. Whose isn’t?

fem lamp

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