Driven to the brink

January 4, 2012

Day 3

I had my day all planned. At 12:30 workout, 2:00 meet friend for coffee, 2:30 go to bank and transfer funds to another bank before work at 4:00. Nothing special. Typical day. Everything was going so smoothly. Then at 3:40 something I hadn’t planned for… people. When did everyone get here? Why am I still so surprised by the masses that congregate around the areas that should only be occupied by me; like the bank. I have unusual working hours 4pm-12am and the few perks of this job is that everyone else should still be at work when I want to run my errands. So is everyone also working late shifts? Or just not working? And if you’re not working then why do you have anything to do at the bank? So as I sit three cars behind the person who I assume is having a hard time depositing monopoly money my heart rate goes up. I’m running out of time and I have to cover my charges to avoid an overdraft fee. The length this person is taking is starting to concern me that maybe his hand got stuck in the machine. Out of pure care and concern I get out of my car to see if I can assist the ATM victim. Luckily he drove away right afterwards… unharmed… by the machine of course. Now I’m third in line. Let’s go. Hurry. 3:47. Ok my turn 50 seconds and done. Now to the next bank. Where is all this traffic coming from? Did we build a stadium where Coldplay is performing the grand opening? Where is everyone going? Oh ya in my direction. At next bank. Only 1 person! Phew. I should switch banks. 3:52. Eek. Ok done. 3:56. Work is 6 min away… but if I hurry. Red light. Damn. Ok fast fast. I might make it. Going fast. Stupid rap song with police siren. Heart rate up. Ok looking good green lights. So close. 3:58. Whoa Honda civic. I’ll just go around you. Oh no. The gap has closed. Red light! Ahhh. Stupid Honda ^@&?!$. Ok go go go. Ahhh Honda we can make it you don’t slow down. Gooo… Yellow yellow RED! Why?! Why don’t I account for drivers like you? Why do I plan my time as if I own a private island? Population me. I’d probably still be late. Stupid sea turtles. However, I was told if you want a dream to come true you need to act like its a reality. Like when you spend money like you’re a millionaire. That works right? 4:05 walks into work. No one notices I’m late. Ulcer.

Morbid Driver

Oh positive stuff. Gosh when will this positive over take the negative? Wonderful coffee date with an old friend that’s in town. Makes me feel good knowing there are still a select few that enjoy my company… even though she made me late.

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