5 days till dairy

February 26, 2012

Day 25,

5 more days till I can starting adding the good stuff back into my diet. I can’t wait. I only get to add one item every other day and I’ll eat it 3 times that day. Then I keep track of how my body responds to each item. If my doesn’t react negatively then I’m not allergic to it and I move on to the next item. I’ve thought long and hard about what food item I’m going to reincorporate first, but it’s a hard decision.

If I start with eggs I can make omelets, but no bacon or sausage in them. If I add beef first for a juicy burger I can’t have the bun or cheese. Starting with adding gluten lets me eat breads and cereal, but I still can’t have milk. What about dairy? That includes, milk, butter, cheese, chocolate. Perfect.

So here is my reintroduction list

1. Dairy (day 1)
2. Gluten (day 3)
3. Eggs (day 5)
4. Meat (day 7)
5. Soda (day 9)

Then officially I can have pizza again… wait that’s 9 extra days. Ahhhh. Stupid never ending diet. I just pray I’m not allergic to anything that goes on pizza. Even if I am on day 10 I’m ordering the biggest pizza you’ve ever seen and having it for every meal that day. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Next big question will be what kind of pizza and from where. I’ll save that quest for another blog.

I’m so afraid that after fasting for 28 days all the foods I love I’ll go on a binge. I’m actually glad that I have to reincorporate each food item over a long period of time. My family thinks I’m wasting away, but I believe they just associate diet with losing weight. My digestion is better, but the scale or my jeans haven’t changed. Due to this I hope that I don’t go overboard on overindulgence. I’ll just have to take it slow… one slow miserable food craving day at a time.

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