February 15, 2012

Day February 14

Oh what a special day. Not because I’ve ever been the romantic type. Most my valentines have been spent with my family. While my family is the best valentines a girl could ask for we don’t get romantic. That would be weird and illegal in most states. Damn freaky Midwesterners.

This family tradition is probably why I’ve never been the cute and cliche type either. I would never put paper flowers all over your cubicle (someone had that a work… poor guy) or write you a poem. I’ve always been good at buying presents. They are simple and take less time and preparation. I would always think of thoughtful things to do, but quickly make myself too busy to bother. I remember one guy I dated was a typical girls dream. He wrote songs about me, made me sweet videos, poems, mixed CDs, oh those artists. He hoped I would be more idk what the word is… girly? If he only waited 4 years to see me finally come around. Typically when I see something too cute my gag reflexes react. Not like kittens or puppies, but kissing picture on the beach at sunset. Bleh. I’m not an aweeee so sweet, but more like a if it’s not an edible flower then keep it for yourself. Hey if I got flowers for any reason I wouldn’t stomp on them, but I might wonder where the other present is. I’m not high maintenance just superficial. Kidding.

Now that I’ve tapped into my creative and poor side I’d love someone to write me a song or surprise me with a day calendar with each day saying something they loved about me (even though that relationship didn’t last long enough to enjoy it). I realize how a present that took some effort can mean a lot and save you some money too. Yet something like flower petals and candles will still make me giggle more than swoon. You know how when something is too sweet and your teeth are too sensitive to handle it? That’s what too cutesy does to me. It makes me squirm.

However, here’s where I get cute and obnoxious. So don’t read this if you’ve eaten recently. Last night after work after midnight I went by Dutch Bros (local coffee joint) and got a hot chocolate for my boy. I knew he was going to be up late doing homework so I thought he could use a boost. He loved it. He was thankful and wanted me to open his presents. It was a big bag. Now since we are both broke I said we should have a $20 cap on the presents. From the looks of it he went over. The first card was sweet with a silly poem and the second card was hilarious. My family never does nice cards only rude or funny ones. He’s caught on quick. The first packaged I unwrapped was a box full of my favorite See’s chocolate, scotchmellows. Damn hypoallergenic diet. Then cute fuzzy slippers because my feet are always freezing. Size 8 ice cubes. The last present is what sent him over on his budget, a new watch just like my current old broken watch. Omg. I hate it when someone does more for me in terms of gifts. My competitiveness comes out. I contemplated buying something else to bulk up my gifts. He said he was making up for getting me a gift card for Christmas while I was creative. I love gift cards though. So I guess he won that round even though he hasn’t opened my gifts. He’ll have to wait till tonight. I’ll give you all a hint just in case he read this blog. 99% chance he won’t, but all it takes is that 1 unlucky percent to ruin the surprise. Hint. I made it.

Valentines morning was just as amazing. I had a nice breakfast (well their breakfast was nice… oatmeal again) and gift exchange with my family. You would have thought it was Christmas from all the wrapped boxes. My mom always overdoes it, but I’ll never complain.

Now I’m getting annoying again.

My present list: Dutch bro gift card, microwaveable mittens, microwaveable pillow for my feet (told you they were cold), book on how to be a food snob, and fingernail polish. I’m so lucky. Ok so now for the best part, what I gave.

Presents: iPad gift card (my mom is $50 away from getting one), baguette pan (my dad has started baking homemade bread), cat earrings (my sis is a cat lady), beanie I knitted, makeup art print I made . Aren’t I creative. I love giving presents.

Yesterday I had tried to make heart shaped cookies to give everyone. It was a disaster. First off I guess you are supposed to refrigerate the dough for an hour before rolling it between 2 pieces of parchment paper. Ya that still didn’t work. I got fart not heart cookies. Well they still tasted good. I put a couple cookies in everyone’s presents. Aaaaand… before I went to class I found where my boy parked at school (I got lucky) and by using his spare key I was able to leave a card, chocolate chip fart shaped cookies, and a milk bottle chilled in a little cooler. He appreciated it even if you don’t care to hear about it. I’m just wanted to let you know what a typical girlfriend I’ve become. Yay for me. Yay for him.

this is pre-bake

Next was well work (bleh), but then dinner with my beautiful sis. We grabbed pizza togo. It’s my halfway mark so I get a diet break. Oh and was it glorious. Pizza I’ve missed you. Then we put on a romance classic… Twilight Breaking Dawn part 1. Classic.

isn’t she the cutest

Next up give my last presents to my romantic valentine. I won’t include those details. Wink. Gag reflex. Bleh. Sorry. Blame Cupid.

dad’s card

mom’s card
sister’s card

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